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L - Litter

Wurfdatum/DOB: 28. August 2018/28th of August 2018


Dotie hat am 28. August 6 gesunde Welpen zur Welt gebracht: 2 schwarze Rüden, 4 schwarze Hündinnen
Dotier has given birth to 6 healthy pups on the 28th of August: 2 black dogs & 4 black bitches

RoughCorner Labradors  - Field Trial, Arbeitsline, Labrador Welpen

 Dotie of

RoughCorner Castle

HD-A, ED-0, OCD-0, Eyes Clear, PRA Clear

Int. FTCH & IKC Championship 2017 Winner Miller Mcduff - "Paddy"

Hips 3/6, ED 0/0, Shoulders 0/0, Eyes clear, PRA N/PRA, CNM N/N, EIC N/N

Paddy´s Video from the ICK Championship 2017

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